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Author: Chris Gallaway

Virginia is for Limpers

When my family left Damascus I was raring to go on my solo hike again. Our time together had been sweet, but I was itching to hike more than eight miles a day. I was also tempted to try to catch friends who had pulled ahead of me on the trail. So, I started out […]

Mile 198.9: The Smokies

Note: This episode is only available for viewing to backers of the AT movie feature film production. If you have contributed to the film and would like a password to view this segment, please write to The Smoky Mountains are one of the highlight sections of the Appalachian Trail. In winter they can be […]


April 17, 2013: Experiences on the Trail are made richer by sharing them with people you love. That fact made this past weekend a highlight of my hike that I will carry with me forever.Last Thursday I was joined in Damascus, Virginia by Sunshine, my mom, and my brother (with his huskie Kaya) for an […]


As is surely evident from previous posts, we’ve had our share of winter weather on the AT this year. Even after I took a two-week layover in Asheville this March I returned to my hike and was greeted immediately by a heavy snowstorm. One long morning climbing up to Sam’s Gap I cussed my way […]


Many people come to the Appalachian Trail looking to leave a mark. They distinguish themselves by hiking faster or longer than others, by carrying the least amount of weight or the most, or more commonly by scrawling their name and message on the shelter walls (we Purist  hikers frown at this!). As most people find, […]

The Vasque Snow Junkie

This is the boot I used during the worst of the winter weather. The waterproof liner was really put to the test in the Smokies as we hiked through one day of knee-deep snow drifts followed by a day of cold rain that turned the trail into a creek bed. At the end of day […]

Mile 137.3: Trail Family

It’s often said that the best part of hiking the Appalachian Trail is the people you meet along the way. Starting my hike in early winter provided me an ideal opportunity to test that out. There wasn’t a swarm of people attempting to thru-hike at that time, as there would be in March and April, […]

Live of Something

Conversation with Mot while eating ice off the trees like a snow-cone:

Frost: “How’s it taste?”

Mot: “That’s the best snow I’ve had all day.”

Frost: “We’ll call it Smoky Mountain Shaved Ice.”

Mot: “I’ve heard it’s not healthy to eat snow for some reason. I guess you have to die of something.”

Frost: “Yeah, you have to live of something, too.”

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