Dirty Girl Gaiters

In mid-winter I wore thick, water-proof gaiters to keep out the snow and wet. When the weather warmed, however, I wanted a lightweight/breathable option to keep the twigs and rocks out of my shoes. An extensive search led me to Dirty Girl Gaiters, a cottage industry run out of Arizona by long distance runner Xy Weiss. I’ve been super pleased with these gaiters: they’re lightweight, relatively cool, and they do their job. I like the fact that these attach to your shoe with adhesive velcro rather than a strap under the sole that will wear away over time. Perhaps the only inconvenient thing about these gaiters is that they’re not machine-washable; so every few days you have to scrub them in a sink or a creek. They clean off easily, though.


Dirty Girl Gaiters cost $20 and come in a variety of loud colors and patterns (I was sheepish and selected a tame, solid color). When I placed my order they shipped the same day and were waiting for me in the next trail town. I have no complaints with these gaiters, and I highly recommend them if you have any issues keeping debris out of your shoes. Here’s the website: http://www.dirtygirlgaiters.com/