New Website – “The Long Start to the Journey” documentary film

The Long Start to the Journey, a feature film about the Appalachian Trail, is now available to the public on BluRay, DVD, and via digital download! After 7 months of walking and filming and 2 years of post-production, we are excited to share this story of the Trail. Click here to visit the website and learn more about the film: Here is a short description grabbed from the film website:

No sound stages were used in the making of this film.

There wasn’t a makeup department or trailers or stuntmen. This film was made on the beautiful (and often harsh) Appalachian Trail, day after day walking and sharing the experience with a cast of real, fascinating personalities who were following their own journeys on the trail.

We set out to make a film that would speak deeply to the people who are closest to the trail and who know it best: the volunteers, hikers, and members of the AT community who have made the trail a part of their lives. Through that aim, we hoped the film would also speak to people who are new to the trail and are fascinated by this enigmatic path. The Long Start to the Journey is an intimate and unflinching depiction of the Appalachian Trail, detailing everything from grotesque blisters to uplifting mountaintop moments. The film also explores the rich history of the A.T.: the early battles that were fought in the trail community to determine what the pathway would be and how those often conflicting visions reflect on the trail today. Through following a complete thru-hike on the trail, viewers experience the range of ecosystems, terrains, and seasons that the A.T. encompasses. They also follow the roller coaster of emotions (trials and triumphs) that a person experiences when they undertake the challenge of a thru-hike. This is a true story of the Appalachian Trail. It captures the wonder and excitement of a journey in America’s wilderness.