Larissa “Sunshine” Gore is a two-time thru-hiker on the Appalachian Trail. Since completing her two hikes in back-to-back seasons (2004 & 2005), Larissa has moved on to other (greater?) challenges in life, such as working as a nurse in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) of Mission Hospital and dating Chris Gallaway.

The A.T. was a significant experience in Larissa’s life, so much so that at the end of her first six-month journey along the Trail she turned around and started another thru-hike the following spring. She brought her trail name back with her from the woods, and she uses it interchangeably with her proper name, going by both Larissa and Sunshine depending on the circle of friends she is in. Sunshine is the main support team, trip advisor, and #1 cheer-leader for Chris’s attempt to thru-hike and document the Appalachian Trail. She will be joining for sections along the way.


Sunshine’s favorite things on the trail:

– the call of loons

– swimming holes

– french fries


* editor’s note: As of Ocotober 12, 2013, Sunshine is now Larissa “Sunshine” Gallaway. Frost and Sunshine are now husband and wife.