The Vasque Snow Junkie

This is the boot I used during the worst of the winter weather. The waterproof liner was really put to the test in the Smokies as we hiked through one day of knee-deep snow drifts followed by a day of cold rain that turned the trail into a creek bed. At the end of day two, my socks were only mildly damp, which in my opinion was a great success given the conditions.

The Snow Junkie is built with an extra insulating liner which is great for winter sports and for keeping my toes warm on this hike (I have poor circulation in my digits), but the warmth of this boot would be overkill for most hikes here in the Southeast (you don’t want to sweat in your boot any more that you want rain running into it!). I was grateful to have this shoe when winter was doing its worst, but as soon as the days began to warm I was glad to switch to a lighter, trail-runner shoe.


When hiking in freezing weather, expect that your boots will freeze overnight. Even with a waterproof membrane the boot materials and laces will get impregnated with water and freeze overnight. So, before you go to sleep make sure you loosen the laces and flex the boot out so that your foot can fit in the following morning when the shoe is frozen stiff!